Brass island

Retail design 2017 | The design epic continues! In the ground floor of Warsaw’s amazing Złote Tarasy shopping mall we have just unveiled the new retail pod for our favourite modern patisserie – Lukullus. It is a smooth shiny prismatic space lander, clad in brushed, lacquered brass, with white marble display tops and clear glass screens. We optimized it for one task – to radiate luxury. Be careful – the cargo is highly addictive. | Team: lead architect Jan Strumiłło, assistant architect Jan Dybowski | Photography by Jan Dybowski | Scroll down for timelapse animation

JS lukullus ZT 18 JS lukullus ZT 24JS lukullus ZT 23JS lukullus ZT 1 JS lukullus ZT 5 JS lukullus ZT 13 JS lukullus ZT 17 JS lukullus ZT 21JS lukullus ZT 20 04_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 05_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 06_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 07_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 08_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 09_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 10_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo 11_lukullus_zlote_tarasy_jan_strumillo