Lecture in Cottbus


The Brandenburg Polytechnic in Cottbus has kindly invited us to give a lecture on the studio’s recent works. The weather was cold but the audience warm and open. Vielen Dank – I hope you liked it! The pride of the TU Brandenburg campus is the new mediatheque by Herzog&deMeuron. It steals any show in Cottbus. Tough times for vintage GDR-era […]

Our “Frank Stella” among the best!


Hold it! Hyperallergic blog ranked our Frank Stella’s Polin exhibition among the best art shows of the 2016. We could not dream of a better start of the New Year! The only thing left for us to do now is to promise to work even harder on the cool new stuff in the following twelve months.

Rechowicz & Cybis


Our project features in an exhibition! Warsaw’s Królikarnia Sculpture Museum shows it in the palace’s central rotunda until the end of October 2016. Upon invitation from the charming curator Katarzyna Kucharska-Hornung we delivered a layout for open-air display of concrete sculptures by Bolesław and Maria Cybis. We were aided by the indefatigable nonagenarian artist Hanna Rechowicz, whose ceramic ornaments would adorn the concrete fins […]

Big Objects Not Always Silent


Inspiration does not come from nowhere. One has to feed it tasty bits every now and then. I recently nourished mine in Vienna. The exhibition Big Objects Not Always Silent by Nathalie Du Pasquier at Kunsthalle Wien is full of cool stuff. It is enormous, explosive and on show until 13.11.

Keep Redirecting


A-I-R Laboratory at CSW Zamek Ujazdowski inform us that the furniture we had designed for them will be featured in a new show Public Spirits. We are very happy and proud that our tables still serve their purpose. So cool! Curatorial seminar of the “Re-Directing: East” project. Photo courtesy of CSW Zamek Ujazdowski

Sweet Lisowska


Our lucky streak continues! The sweet, sweet Lukullus have asked us to redesign their pastry boutique in Bielany district of Warsaw. Lisowska is a charming little street. The unassuming pavillion houses a factory of tasty delights. We are on it!

Opera popup bookstore


We designed a popup bookstore for the Warsaw National Opera foyer. It is almost ready now. It should start its operations in the Opera’s entry foyer starting this September i.e. in a matter of days. At the beginning the plans were more ambitious and we aimed for a mobile, opening concept. Together with Julia I […]

Little B house


west facade

A friendly married couple asked me to draw a cheap house for them. They wanted to start modestly and add on as the family grows. It was to be situated on the site of a dismantled pigsty. I penned a compact plan around a central heated core, with two large porches north and south – one […]

Shack for P


In February Piotrek invited me to sketch a summer shack for his urban gardening lot. We had a nice winter walk around the frozen gardens. I produced rough drawings. It would be a tar-paper covered simple wooden cabin, like others in the Mokotów “działki” – urban garden lots. Technically the project is still on hold…

Salon d’hiver


In may 2013 I developed a quick concept for a massive exhibition of modern paintings in a loft space – former malt warehouse – for the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. Sadly the event got cancelled but the project came out rather exciting. The ideas are still fresh and we might reuse them once. I kind […]