Empik Bestseller prize

Trophy design for Empik | In collaboration with the incredible Tymek Jezierski | Photography by Teodor Klepczyński
A handy prize in hardwood and brass | Commission 2016 | Prototyping and production 2017

We wanted the trophy to be unique and a little different every year. This is why we chose wood – the grain pattern will never repeat, even if you end up with ten trophies side by side. This also makes the object light and pleasant to the touch. Brushed brass details add the bling necessary for a good triumphant look. We want to use a different wood species every year. The trophy made ist debut in mahogany, but in following years other hardwoods will take to the stage.

The shape was inspired by the Empik’s brand apostrophe. We decided to carve the shape out as hole to avoid the troublesome joint between the apostrophe’s pointed tip and trophy base. We had a lot of fun testing the prize: holding it, thanking, giving imagined acceptance speeches and so on. This was necessary as we were much more after designing the experience than just the object. This was a super-exciting project.

Bestsellery empiku 2016 07.02.2017Bestsellery empiku 2016 07.02.2017Bestsellery empiku 2016 07.02.2017 Bestsellery empiku 2016 07.02.2017 Statuetka Bestseller Empiku 2016 Statuetka Bestseller Empiku 2016 Statuetka Bestseller Empiku 2016JS_empik_bestseller_10JS_empik_bestseller_02 JS_empik_bestseller_05