Nanowo Wilanów

Interior design 2021 | Retail store in Warsaw’s Royal Wilanów shopping mall for Nanowo – a brand of refurbished electronics | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Julia Jankowska | Photography by Jakub Certowicz

It may be small but it was a joy to draw. Happy with their first store interior which we completed a year before, the client came back for more and we were delighted to deliver. The small interior contains a sales desk and retail shelving as well as a veneered party wall concealing storage space and passage to a small service back room. In tune with our original concept we based the design on common building materials, applied in a new and unexpected context. In this case we used galvanised perforated electrical cable trays. They serve as shelving and as technological ornament on the front desk. We sampled some of the tried and tested details from the previous store: the colours, the helical orange cables, the marble worktop. Nanowo, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.