Rechowicz & Cybis

Our project features in an exhibition! Warsaw’s Królikarnia Sculpture Museum shows it in the palace’s central rotunda until the end of October 2016. Upon invitation from the charming curator Katarzyna Kucharska-Hornung we delivered a layout for open-air display of concrete sculptures by Bolesław and Maria Cybis. We were aided by the indefatigable nonagenarian artist Hanna Rechowicz, whose ceramic ornaments would adorn the concrete fins we proposed. All these dreams may well come true. For now it only exists on paper. Come and see it in Królikarnia! Detail photography by Grzegorz Czaplicki courtesy of National Museum Warsaw.jan_strumillo_krolikarnia_cybis_01jan_strumillo_krolikarnia_cybis_04 jan_strumillo_krolikarnia_cybis_03 jan_strumillo_krolikarnia_cybis_02