Interior design 2020 | Restaurant on Słupecka 4 in Warsaw | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Julia Jankowska | Visual identity by Tymek Jezierski | Photographed by Jędrzej Sokołowski

While the pandemic raged outside we carefully designed a restaurant serving Asia-inspired food in the ground floor of a 1930s tenement house in Warsaw’s Ochota. The spacious tall interior of the main room connects via tiny stair to a lower part housing the kitchen and restroom.
To carve out some design freedom within a super-tight budget we decided to base our strategy on bold colour with a little custom-made metal jewelry. We opted for sheet copper to clad the skirting boards, backbar, washbasin top and horizontal sconce shades. The copper will accomodate natural patina and shift its hue gradually towards the green walls. It’s also our response to the viral threat as copper is famously lethal to germs.
Red details abstractly represent Asia. The round doorhandle, the red steel shelving, the red dots in the signage – stand for the rising sun.
Similarly the corrugated bar front and side benches may stand for the Pacific ocean.
As usual we were delighted to support local production and design. It was a real joy to use finest Polish chairs in bent plywood as a pleasantly curved counterpoint to the otherwise orthogonal space. We chose furniture linoleum for tabletops and had the bar front and side benches painted in matching deep green.
We designed the lighting to be dimmable to give our clients control over interior mood. Justyn Oboladze is responsible for the unique pendant lights.