Jan Strumiłło

Licensed architect, member of MOIA since 2015. Research fellow at AHO in Oslo since 2013. Jan set up his practice in Warsaw at the beginning of 2010. He worked for Baumschlager Eberle in Switzerland and Austria. He holds MAS ETH in Architecture, focusing on housing, obtained in 2008 under Dietmar Eberle. After graduating from Warsaw University of Technology in 2005, he worked for JEMS in Warsaw. Małgorzata Baczko & Piotr Zakrzewski prize laureate in 2006. He was appointed resident fellow in architecture at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart in 2013. Author of the book “Hidden Modernism”. His main interests are dwelling and housing and their interdependence with sociology, economy and sustainability, but his true passion is timber architecture.

For details please consult full CV in Polish or English | Photographed by Jędrzej Sokołowski.

Paulina Bukowska

A charming native of Tychy in Silesia, Paulina holds a BSc in architecture from Łódź Technical University. Hunger for knowledge brought her to Warsaw, where she pursues further studies while doing amazing things in our office. An avid reader she enjoys staying indoors, especially where the ceilings are high. While outside she enjoys hiking in the mountains. Photographed by Jędrzej Sokołowski.

Zofia Zatorska

Zofia has a reason to be proud: she holds a BSc in architecture from Warsaw Technical University. She benefited greatly from a stay in Rome, devoted entirely to studying architecture and la dolce vita. This remarkable young woman gained considerable experience working for a number of architecture studios before blossoming to her full capacity within our company. Zofia practices architecture with a passion equalled only by her enthusiasm for knitting. A true activist, she does not step away from challenges in helping others – through architecture and otherwise. In spare time she contemplates the beauty and grace of cats. Caught on camera while at the building site – action photography by Jędrzej Sokołowski.

Stanisław Kilian

This young man looks serious for a reason – he holds a BSc in architecture from Warsaw Technical University. Stanisław is addicted to learning – perhaps this is why he enjoys travelling abroad so much. A connoisseur of good coffee and fine architecture, he could feel at home in the Netherlands, in France or in China. Punctual, courteous, elegant – we are quite lucky to have him here with us – at least for now.

Helena Wierzbowska

Holds a BA in product design from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Despite her young age, Helena is recognized for her prize-winning designs. She loves the mountains and enjoys them whenever possible. Confident in graphic design she also excells in social networking. Loves a good anectode every now and then. She steadily improves her communication skills. An aficionada of fine clothing and jewellery. Co-owner of a dog. Photographed by Dawid Majewski.


We are a small-sized company of architects. We offer design services ranging from products to buildings in Poland. We have developed a network of contacts with trusted engineers and contractors. This enables us to deliver on our promises regarding time and quality of work.

Collaborators since 2010

Marta Szczepańska | architect
Jan Jabłoński | architect
Marta Buchner | architect
Marek Jaxa-Chamiec | architect
Julia Jankowska | architect
Jan Dybowski | architect
Maksymilian Dobkowski | architect
Zuzanna Rostocka | student internship
Zuzanna Siedlecka | student internship
Maria Jeglińska | product designer
Wojciech Janiszewski | architect
Jan Libera | product designer
Jan Almonkari | student
Dominika Kubieniec | architect
Ola Mirecka | product designer
Dorota Meissner | interior designer
Anna Dobek | architect
Weronika Libiszowska | architect
Emilia Noceń | architect