Constellations. Polish music 1918-2018 | Temporary exhibition at the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Maksymilian Dobkowski, Dominik Robak, Zuzanna Rostocka | Exhibition design 2018

For the Fryderyk Chopin Museum we designed an organic shape for a multimedia exhibition. Clad in rich textile the totem folds into three intimate niches where one can sit and comfortably listen to selected music. Each niche contains a stout layered plywood stool finished with cosy felt top. The selection of dark fabric colours compliments the classic interior and serves as backdrop for our installation: analog infographic macrame of colourful ribbons illustrating the tangled constellation of Polish composers. The mirror tops reflect the beautiful classical interior. The exhibition design would not be complete without a carefully selected typeface, which was found for us and implemented by the fantastic Dominik Robak. We were inspired by the lush textile backdrops and hands-on collage infographics of Cold War era festivals and composers’ meetings. The good photographs were taken by Jakub Certowicz.

JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_14JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_16JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_17JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_15JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_21JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_20 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_19 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_18 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_22JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_24JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_07JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_11JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_12JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_13JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_10 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_09JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_05JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_08JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_03JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_04JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_06 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_02JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_01