Constellations. Polish music 1918-2018 | Temporary exhibition at the Fryderyk Chopina Museum in Warsaw | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Maksymilian Dobkowski, Dominik Robak, Zuzanna Rostocka | Exhibition design 2018

For the Fryderyk Chopin Museum we proposed an organic form for their multimedia exhibition. Clad in rich textile the shape forms three intimate niches where one can sit and comfortably listen to selected music. The selection of dark fabric colours compliments the classic interior and serves as backdrop for our installation: completely analog infographic macrame of colourful ribbons illustrating the tangled constellation of Polish composers. The exhibition design would not be complete without a carefully selected typeface, which was found for us and implemented by the fantastic Dominik Robak.

JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_07JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_11JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_12JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_13JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_10 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_09JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_05JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_08JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_03JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_04JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_06 JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_02JS_Konstelacje_NIFC_01