Interior design 2019 | Club interior including two bars and a theatrical stage | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Marta Szczepańska, Helena Wierzbowska | Branding and neon design by Michał Jońca | Photography by Nel Niezgoda published courtesy of Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Twórczych “Windą W Bok”

We designed the interior of a large club with a compact stand-up stage. Located in the very centre of Warsaw ‘Rakieta’ has become a favourite spot for late-night summer raves among local youth. Our space-themed concept is a collection of ideas forming together a deliberately playful and toylike whole. We let colourful plywood satellites hang in the double-height main space. It took solving quite a 3-d puzzle to fit restrooms, two bars and a small theatre into a pie-shaped plan but we succeded and the result looks like a section of an enormous rocket. Black and white telemetry pattern painted onto the slats covering the entire hull makes the astronautical reference complete. The use of red girder beams transformed the balcony into a launchpad bridge. A combination of mirrors and galvanised steel consoles allowed us to multiply the main bar into its own reflections, bending away into darkness as one would expect of spacecraft machinery. We are satisfied to see many of our ideas materialised, operational, and we hope the record is not over yet. The construction began during the pandemic, the launch had been postponed many times, but Rakieta has finally taken off and it keeps getting its passengers real high.