Pilecki in Berlin

Interior design 2020 | Pilecki Institute in Berlin | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Marek Jaxa-Chamiec, Jan Jabłoński, Helena Wierzbowska | Textile design by Ania Libera | Photographed by Jakub Certowicz

The premises of Pilecki Institute in Berlin are located in the ground floor of an office building overlooking the prestigious Pariser Platz with a postcard view of the Brandenburg Gate. Our task was to define a spatial frame for a place where Polish history will be told, explained, heard and understood. We used natural materials complimented by carefully chosen colours. By defining our own black and white as deep brown and very light blue allowed us to play with the subconscious. Colours match carefully chosen  textiles to create a complete solution. Rich jacquard curtains with a curvy pattern by Ania Libera contrast the orthogonal carpet flooring. It was our intention to create a showcase of Polish design and manufacturing in the heart of Berlin. Plywood furniture was custom-built to our drawings and serves to organize the open space of the Institute foyer.