Architecture 2020 | Design of a tourist cabin for Towarzystwo Krajoznawcze Krajobraz. Team: Jan Libera, Jan Strumiłło, with the assistance of Marta Buchner. Gawra is Polish for bear’s den.

We designed a self-service tourist cabin. The idea is brilliant: imagine a simple cozy little hut waiting for you somewhere out there in beautiful Poland. What a great reason for an outdoor adventure! You can stay overnight in the Gawra as if it were a tent, except you would not have to carry it on your back and it’s already set up when you arrive. Gawra’s key advantage over the tent is the fire inside. The interior equipment is spartan: simple bunks, a table and an iron stove. It also features a comfortable foldable outside bench, a large window and a small canopy to protect your bicycles from rain or snow. Gawra houses four people comfortably. We decided to clad the Gawra in tar paper to make it blend into the landscape. We built a functioning prototype in Jazdów, Warsaw. Anyone could come and explore it for themselves in the evening of May 15th 2021. In November the prototype was transported to a new location in the great outdoors and should reopen in the summer.