Nanowo X Carrefour

Interior design 2022 | Retail stand within the Carrefour supermarket in Warsaw’s Wileńska shopping mall for Nanowo – a brand of refurbished electronics | Team: Jan Strumiłło, Urszula Rudzka | Photography by Jędrzej Sokołowski

An exciting follow-up to our previous work for Nanowo. Happy with their Powiśle and Wilanów stores, the client came back with a different, exciting brief. In collaboration with the Carrefour supermarket chain Nanowo started a series of modular stands. We focused on continuing the brand spirit into the new modular furniture design, with due respect for the host organism. Galvanised sheet steel remained an important part of the furniture to communicate Nanowo’s industrial roots. We sampled the details from the previous stores: the colours, the lighting, the marble worktop. If all goes well Nanowo is coming soon to a Carrefour near You!